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Iframe and boxes

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hello , have 2 questions


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I have One page with an Iframe... (http://www.atlantur.com/site/?page_id=2072)


on other pages from the site i have Boxes , notice the one with reservar set to the link : (http://www.atlantur.com/site/?page_id=175)


What i want to do is : 


when i select the boxes link (Reservar) i want to jump to the page that i have my iframe (page_id=2072) and change the Iframe (src) 


content to the link ive set on the box 


how can i do this ?


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Is it possible to ad a custom field to the boxes ? how

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1. You can't change iframe content on click from a box.

2.  Boxes do not allow for custom fields, as far as I know. They're structured, coded elements that would require a developer to customize by code.


Since your needs involve some serious customizations, I'd recommend hiring one of our Pros for this.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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