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Center blockquotes?

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I would really like to center some blockquotes I have on a clients spec site.


this is the current code I'm using because it's the closest way I can get it centred:



[span5][pl_blockquote cite="Anonymous"] A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.[/pl_blockquote][/span5]



It's off a bit but I really like the style of the blockquote.


I've tried using the "center" shortcode but it centers the text and moves the line to the left edge of the page.

I would like to have it look like the attached file just completely centred on the page.



Any help would be great


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Not sure what you issue is, I have just used the PageLines grid (not the shortcodes plugin from the store) and my blockquote looks like your image.




Code I used was this:


<div class="row">
<div class="span4"></div>
<div class="span5">[pl_blockquote cite="Anonymous"] A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.[/pl_blockquote]</div>
<div class="span3"></div>

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Is there a way to center it without using the grid. If you read my post Danny, the quote is not perfectly centered, that's the issue. With longer or shorter quotes its even more noticible. And if you read the code you would also realize that a span of 4 5 & 3 doesn't seem centered either. If you try say 3 6 & 3 you will notice that the quote lines up more to the left. I was cheating it more towards the center.

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Well the I thought you wanted to use the grid layout.


Why not try span4 x3:

<div class="row">
<div class="span4"></div>
<div class="span4 tac">[pl_blockquote cite="Anonymous"] A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.[/pl_blockquote]</div>
<div class="span4"></div>

If that doesn't work you're going to need to use custom CSS. I recommend you inspect the blockquote element using either Firebug or your browsers built-in web dev tools.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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