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Multi site Ads.. is there a Plugin working with Pagelines?

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I am using a Multisite installation with pageline,... wow it is so easy to handle. But I was so dissapointed,... when I found out that a plugin like AdRotate does not work with multisites.


I am looking for a banner ad system, which I also can use for google adsense as well.
But I need it for Multi site with pagelines..


Does anybody has got some experiences? Can you let me know which plugin  I should test for my needs?




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Hi Jorg,


I don't use ad plugins personally, so unfortunately I can not recommend any ad plugins. What I do recommend is you ask this question on the Wordpress support forums or search the Wordpress plugin repository.


When I did a search, this premium plugin appeared in the list of search items. I have no experience with this plugin and I can not tell if it is compatible with PageLines, so if you like the look of it, best to speak to them regarding multisite support.



Please search our forums, before posting!

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