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    • photomom86
      By photomom86+
      I just purchased the DMS framework and the Sophistique child theme. I am needing help with setting the content or body font size... the content in a blog post only.
      I have the global font size set to 18px and then I have this custom code in the custom css area
      body{ font-size:22px !important;}
      but this code also changes the font size of the Sophistique contact bar... which I do not want. Anyone know the code to only change the font size in the blog post content area only?
      Or vice versa, I could set the global font to 22px and then use custom code for the contact bar font in custom css.
      I've tried to use the chrome developer tools to figure this out to no avail. Thanks!
      url is stagegecg.com
    • ketri
      By ketri

      I Wonder what causes this issue?
      Here you can see that the <body> or even <html> are not full height: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jbvnhkzyw5cg58f/Screenshot%202014-05-21%2015.05.24.png
      So if I for example set a background-image to <body>, it will not be the full height.
      This is a clean installation of DMS with latest version of WP.

      Can you replicate this issue and do you know what causes it?

    • outtareach
      By outtareach
      I want to add padding to top and bottom of the body tag but when I do the background image doesn't display and only white space.
      how do I get the header to move down to show background at top and bottom.  any insight would be helpful

    • lutz
      By lutz
      Hi there!
      I have to put this piece of code into the body section of the site to deliver the ads correctly:
      <script type=“text/javascript“> window.onload = checkWallpaper; </script>     The function "checkWallpaper" is stored in the header section, but the code above has to be put into the body section. But I have no idea how to do that. I already tried it in the functions.php file of Pagelines customize folder, but that didn't work.   Can please someone tell me in which file I have to copy this code? So that it won't be overwritten with every update of Pagelines?   Thanks in advance!
    • Toby
      By Toby
      Hi, I would like to reduce the spacing/padding between the header section and the body section of my website.
      I can't locate the class that needs to be changed to reduce the spacing, I would like to reduce the space above and below the 'social stickers'.
      Thanks in advanced.