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printfriendly button to sharebar

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respectgb+    1



I'm wanting to add a printfriendly button to the pagelines sharebar. The php required to add the printfriendly button within the theme is as follows:


<?php if(function_exists('pf_show_link')){echo pf_show_link();} ?>


my problem is that I'm unsure how to embed this within the sharebar.


Thanks in advance!!

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Rob    547


You may be aware that you can add the same elements in the sharebar with shortcodes provided through the Social Media section found here:  http://demo.pagelines.me/tools/


A plugin called Shortcode Exec PHP will convert your PHP snippet to a shortcode. 


This would let you add the custom shortcode to the others giving you the custom link you desire.


Alternatively, you'd have to clone the Sharebar section to Base Theme, and modify that. If you're not experienced in writing PHP code, it would likely require the assistance of a developer.

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