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Magazine Layout on Select Pages Only

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Is there are a way within the Framework to limit the types of pages that the Magazine Layout displays? For example, I would like the Magazine Layout to appear on the Blog and Category Pages, but show the Blog Layout Mode (only full-width post excerpts) on Search Results and Archive Pages.


Can this be done using a hook, or at all?



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Strange. After looking at the thread and trying this solution, it didn't work. Perhaps there is something specific about this approach that is causing it to fail. Here is some more detail:

  • I'm running Pagelines Framework 2.4.2.
  • My current Blog Post Layout Mode is set to Magazine Layout Mode
  • The number of Full Width Posts I've selected is 0 (This is by design. I want my home page to only use Magazine-style clips.)

The ultimate goal is to use only Magazine-style Clips on the home page and Category pages, but for Author, Archive and Search Results pages use Full-Width posts.


Any other ideas?

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Hi Evanders,


Check out - this might be an easier option than using code. You can put the section directly into the template and choose the required layout mode. If you're interested you can check any questions you have on the product with the developer on the link above in the comments box.

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I tried AnyLoop. It was a good suggestion, but didn't get me very far. It features a handful of very specific styles of posts in a loop. I would have to do more work to reverse engineer a plugin I paid $20.00 for than find a more simple solution to this problem.


There has got to be a way for me to limit Magazine layout mode to certain types of pages. It just doesn't make sense to use magazine style clips in search results, archives and on the author pages.


Any other thoughts?

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Hi Evanders,


There is a plugin called Special Recent Posts.  It's free, though there is a premium version. You'll find the free version here:


Special Recent Posts (SRP) uses a shortcode which you can easily customize to place the most recent posts on a page. That said, you can place the shortcode within boxes or the Grid System, allowing you to have two columns (like Magazine Mode) as you wish.  Luckily, the developer smartly placed each element of SRP in its own div/class so that you can size, position, align things just as you desire using CSS. The effect is to give you magazine mode layout where you want it, without having to reengineer anything.


The shortcode's effects - displaying a list of X number of posts, fills whatever container it is set into.  Thus if you use it directly on a page, it will be full width for the content area.  However, if you were to place the code, as I said, within a grid element, and that grid had two columns, you would see the code in one of the two columns.  To see it in the second, just repeat the shortcode, and adjust it in the second column.  The shortcode has an option for offset. 


By that I mean that you can show 5 posts (any number) in the left column, then in the right column, offset that shortcode by 5, so it appears continuous.


Here's an example of the shortcode:

[srp display_thumbnail='yes' post_content_type='excerpt' post_content_length='50' post_content_length_mode='words' category_include='7' category_title='no' string_break_link='yes' thumbnail_width='200' thumbnail_height='200' post_status='publish' post_limit='1' post_title_length_mode='fulltitle' widget_title_hide='yes']

I hope this helps.

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