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Low resolution product image and thumbnail

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Hi there


I'm having a real problem with the resolution of product thumbnails and product images. I've tried using Jigo Shop (for pagelines) and Woocommerce (for pagelines) and have come across the same problem. Basically I upload an image to wordpress (with good resolution and reasonable size), I then create a product and attach the image to the product through the featured image button. When I then look at the site the thumbnail image for this product is really bad resolution compared to the original and the product image on the product page is barely any better. When I enlarge the image it is good resolution but when I then close it you can visibly see the resolution getting worse. 


I'm creating a site for someone that is used to the thumbnail quality on etsy (which is amazing) so this is a real problem.


The site is www.mabetty.com and if you click on the clothes category you can see the product. I haven't done any work on the site yet until I've resolved this - hence it's pretty basic. As a comparison if you go to http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Alicecarolinesupply?section_id=6373289 and scroll down you can see the same product and the quality of the thumbnail.


I've searched in vain for solutions and am getting to the point of using a different platform like Shopify but really want to avoid the cost and transaction fees. 


Can anyone help me with this?



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James B

Hi there,


When uploading an image to wordpress it does compress the image, also scaling the image can cause the thumbnails to become less crisp. There are some options available on the Wordpress support forums, using hooks/filters to stop the compression. However, a lot of the posts state the best results come from uploading the thumbnail image at the exact size.


Check out this post which has some links to the support threads  - http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/24013-how-do-you-create-sharp-thumbnails/


Also http://thomasgriffinmedia.com/blog/2012/12/how-to-change-the-quality-of-wordpress-thumbnails/ and

Kindly search the forum and read the documentation before posting. It will help you resolve many issues.

For CSS help be sure to check out W3Schools first and be sure to download FireBug for FireFox for troubleshooting.

James B

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Thanks for your reply. I did try the Thomas Griffin fix but wasn't really sure where to insert it into the wp_image_editor class file code? Can you help me with that?

Thanks again.

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Add the following code to your custom CSS, this should resolve the issue.


#site ul.products li a img {
max-width: 99%;

It would appear that there is a conflict with our CSS from what I can tell, I have reported this as a possible bug.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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