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HI all, For several months I have cringed at the background image on my blog's home page -- http://covvha.net/agent-orange-gmo-monsanto-dioxin/


The silver mess is an old background for site wide settings with no repeat.  Obviously it has been removed from all of my other pages and individual blog article pages, replaced by the watermark of our logo.  I have looked thru all image files to remove it, edited meta, and of course and most obvious, set the background image time and time again in the page via edit page background.  The image will upload and follow directions for settings.  Upon saving and reloading, the image is gone, setting are gone, and still the silver crap on the page with the specific page background settings empty once again.  The silver background is literally a ghost that is haunting me!.. Please help me get it off of my site!


Thank you in advance!





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Hi Kelly,


The background is fixed in your CSS and can be overwritten by editing that or by replacing it.


Here's the code:

.full_width #page .page-canvas, body.fixed_width {
    background-attachment: fixed;
    background-image: url("http://covvha.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/000G12.jpg");
    background-position: 15% 0;
    background-repeat: repeat;

I think that CSS is in an unusual stylesheet or location.  I don't think it's in one of the typical locales.  Perhaps a child theme?

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