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Features not responsive + sliding down the page + fixed nav SOS?

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Hi there,


On my site, I'm having three issues that are affecting the responsiveness experience on my site. 


Site: connectmywedding.com

Pagelines and wordpress both up to date. In google chrome. 


1. The feature section on my homepage is up to no good. The section itself is responding to changes in browser width, but the image inside does not change, leading to some strange cropping. It seems to zoom in and out as it switches between slides. How can I make the image itself stay the same size as the frame? 


2. As the page gets narrower, the features section slides down the page. I'd like it to stay with the same amount overlapping the background image, which is set using the masthead background. 


3. I'm using the FixedNav section, with a plugin that turns the menu into a mobile menu because when the menu goes responsive and stacks, it looks terrible. Is there a way to prevent the fixed nav section from being responsive?


Sorry for the soliloquy, but thanks for the help! 



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Hi Irene,


1. If you wish to have have your feature images responsive, you will need to use the aspect ratio instead of static height.


2 & 3.


You have added custom code to the Masthead and Fixed Navigation, we are unable to provide support to user created code. However, in order to resolve your issue with , you will need to most likely need to do the following:


a) The Fixed Navigation is based on Bootstrap and is responsive by default. If you wish to remove the responsive design, you will most likely need to use custom code.  

B) You have used custom CSS on your masthead section, you will need to inspect your site when you reduce the browsers width and use @media queries.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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