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Multiple Image grids on one page

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I would like to know if it is possible to split the image grid so that I can have multiple image grids but with different images on the same page. I cloned the image grid for my template so that there are three but I don't know how to use the shortcode method to place them on the page.


See attached.




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HI I was able to do a work-around. Instead of the shortcode method, I am using the id's in the section settings and just spacing the image grid between content boxes. The only thing to getting this to work properly is that selecting the image is not working properly on the 2nd and third image grid galleries. When I select one of the images on the 2nd image grid an image from the first grid pops up and not the second one. Anyway to resolve this?

You can view on http://dev.create180design.com/best-orlando-logo-design/

enter the passcode: "helize" to view the page.


Also, on another note, is there a way to replace the "?" with another icon. The "?" gives the impression that something is missing or wrong.


I do love this Imag grid section and would like to be able to use it the way above.



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Yea I see what the problem is.

I will try to fix it within the next couple of days.

The "?" is just some LESS that you can change by putting this in your custom LESS field:

.ig-images-container {
   .ig-image-container {
      figure {
         &:before {
            content: "?"; <--- CHANGE THIS



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