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Just one box(es) panel, but customizable

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Now we have boxes, soapboxes, hero's, banners, highlight boxes etc. etc. and personally I find them very confusing. Wouldn't it be an idea to just have one 'Add boxes' panel which is very customizable? For instance a drag an drop screen to create the kind of box you like?


Options like

  • Layout horizontal, vertical, full-width or not
  • Header or not
  • Text or not
  • What header h1, h2 or h3
  • Included img or not
  • Place of img.


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This has been taken into consideration before. However, we prefer to have our sections have very few options, the more options the more confusing it is. So having a bloated section that can do everything isn't ideal for users new to both Wordpress and PageLines.


You're more than free to create your own section which has all these options and then add it to the store.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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