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    • James Giroux
      By James Giroux+
      Hey Nick.  For some reason I can't get Porter to work.  If I want it to appear in a template, is there anything specific I need to do other than just drag and drop it into the page?
    • influxus
      By influxus
      Hi Nick,
      In the sales page for Porter it states that you can control the number of posts Porter displays:
      "Posts Control tell Porter what posts you want to show, and from where. You have control over the number of posts, as well as sources including categories, tags, authors, and post types."
      Where is the setting for controlling the number of posts? I am not using this on my blog page, but rather to display other kinds of content so I don't want to generally limit the number of blog posts which get displayed via the Wordpress Readings Settings. Given the wording of the sales info I assume that this doable but how?!? Please help! 
    • flidget
      By flidget
      Nick, I've undertaken some very basic testing for the Porter error I reported to you last week. This has identified a configuration item that when ticked produces the display error for [gallery] and VIewer (your integrated plug-in) in IE, Firefox and Safari. When unticked [gallery] and Viewer work perfectly.
      Try ticking "Enable Right Click Protect" and you should be able to replicate this issue.