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HI all,


I have made a hideous mistake.... I noticed a new version of a section that I have (tabber) so I downloaded it.  I tried to upload the new version and received the message that the folder already existed.  So I deleted the folder through my FTP and I uploaded it again.  This time I got the message that it had installed correctly but it is not available in my 'your added sections' and is not working on my site.  I've tried 'refresh store' and I've refreshed my cache but it is not there...


Can anyone help me get it back??








(pagelines framework 2.4.1)

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Hi Glyn,


Why are you uploading the section? Use the PageLines store to install all purchased sections, this way there can be no error. The same goes for the updates, if there is an update to a section, you will be able to update the section using the update button.


I recommend you remove the section again, using your FTP client and then install the tabber section using the PageLines store.

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Hi Ninja,


I did it like that because sometimes I'm very stupid!!  I made a mistake...  I tried uploading the original file again and it said it had worked but it hadn't.  You mentioned going to the pagelines store so I hit the install button from there and it has worked...


Many thanks,




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Hehe, Ok!

Happy to hear your issue has been resolved.

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