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Direct Response & Conversion Driven Design Elements (Did My Phone Ring?)

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Pagelines has great design elements but not one of them was designed from bottom up to be direct response to a call to action. 


As far as my clients are concerned - regardless of how the designs looks - at the end of the day the question is "Did my phone ring so I get new business?" The flipside of that is "Did someone optin to my mailing list so he/she is in my sales funnel?".


I could not get any autoresponder code "above the fold" but only through widgets. 


$5 themes can do this, why not Pagelines? 


Here is an example of a $5 theme that I have used - http://demos.offlinebusinessthemes.com/mortgage/.  The direct response rate is incredible except there is very little customization involved.  That is the main reason I bought Pagelines (but found other critical elements of direct response missing).  I could supposedly do virtually anything with Pagelines but I have to go through CSS nightmares.  Whatever happened to Drag-and-Drop???


It would be great for Pageline developers to start thinking of direct response and/or conversion driven design.  If we can make our clients' phones ring and drive them more business, perhaps we can be creating more websites.  If that logic escapes the reader - that means more Pagelines end-user licenses SOLD!!!.






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I am not entirely sure what you're referring to, but if I understand you correctly you're referring to the contact information in the header ?


The $5 theme you have linked has been made for a mortgage theme, therefore it has elements specifically designed for businesses, such as the contact information.


PageLines Framework is a theme framework that allows users to create any kind of website they like. However, some custom code may be required for specific designs and layouts. We prefer to not have a bloated product, therefore the framework what we think, an adequate number of options features and functionality to provide users and developers the tools to create their designs.


Also, there is already a call to action section called Callout. If your client requires a specific layout, element or design feature/function it is up to you as their developer to provide it, using custom code, a plugin or widget.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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