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Empty Category Page / Sidebar in Archive Page

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Hi there,


in one project i'm working on, the category sites are empty. I've built a childtheme, based on the "basetheme". How could i manage it, that the post are displayed by clicking on the category links in the sidebar and is it possible to show the the sidebar with the archives and categorys at the singlepost / category-page / archiv-page?


Kind Regards



Website URL:
Framework Version: 2.1.1

WordPress Version: 3.5.1


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Your Category page is empty because you have most likely removed the Content Section on Page Template > Category Template or PostLoop on Content Area > Category Template.


The Sidebar issue on your Archive Template is most likely caused by your settings on PageLines > Page Options > Archive, check your hide/show sections etc...

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Hey Danny,


thanks for your answer. But the content sections is not removed, as you can see on the attached file.


For getting the archive and category menu shown in the sidebar i need to hide on of the sidebar on every single page. That is a bit unfunctional but should do it.




attachement doens't show up:

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pff, "hide content" on category page was checked ... thanks man!

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No problem!

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