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Decker 1.2 Allows for 7 tabs. I had 8 with 1.1, and I need them.

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Is there a way I can still use 1.2, but with 8 tabs?

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That number has never changed, it's been 7 since the section was released on September 28th 2012. There's just no room for 8 unless you mod the section and make it taller, which then in turn makes the image a different aspect ratio.

Something big is coming for DMS + photographers.



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    • peter88
      By peter88
      is it possible to show the content of the post in the accordion (I'm using post mode for decker). So for example can i override the sections.php in my child theme because you use the_excerpt function? I don't wan't to change the core files of the decker :)
    • peter88
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      i want to create the content of my site multilingual and I'm using WPML for it (German, English). But WPML can't find the text or title of the inserted decker items.
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      thx for help
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      Whenever I update Decker to v. 1.3. When I go back up to my site I get an error that the number of slides do not match the number images. I deleted all the slides and recreated them. If I create one slide it works great but anything more than one I get the above error message. Any help would be appreciated. I have reverted back to a previous version for now. 
    • sgendry
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      Is there a documentation for Decker, however minimum it is (even if it's to say that the following are not yet possible)?
      1) How to customize the color of the tabs (menu and content, text and background)
      2) How to customize the shape and color Decker's box shadow (including how to remove it)
      3) Recommended image size (I've worked that out manually and it would make it easier if you could announce that upfront)
      4) How to specify which tab should open first (right now it's always the one a the top)
      5) Explain how to put the tabs on the left and the image on the right. In my installation the "flipt the layout" option does nothing I am aware of.
      If not, could you make it easy on us mortals and tell us which files to play with?
      With the above Decker would be shining. As it is it's OK.
      Much appreciated!
    • carlton
      By carlton
      I love this Section!
      Only one small problem. I changed the width to 1000, which looks great on desktop.
      However, on the mobile version, it creates some dead space between the photo and the Decker headline (sorry, I don't have a screencap).
      Is this because I have monkeyed with the width? Do I need to return to the default 600 x 400 in order to get display perfect on all devices?