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Page Background image not showing in browser

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Hi, I'm building a site for a friend,


I've uploaded a background image to the main page but I cant get it to show in any browser. Weirdly, it does show when viewing on an iphone/ipad. Cant see what I'm missing....can anyone make a suggestion for me?


Thanks V Much




Website URL:

Framework Version: 2.4.1

WordPress Version: 3.5.1

Plugins in Use: All disabled...



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The reason why your background isn't showing is that you're using the SuperSized Background option but you have not configured your Carousel correctly. When the Carousel section isn't configured correctly, it throws out a js error which prevents the supersized background image from loading.


To resolve the issue, configure your Carousel section correctly or remove it from your template, the background will appear.

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Thats great Rob, removed the carousel and that did the trick.


Can I ask where/what the supersized background option is? The image I have is around 1300px wide, but only shows in the centre of the page, however, if I use an old image which is 1200px wide, it fills the screen. I cant see an obvious difference betwen the images apart form the size, but would have expected the larger of the 2 images to adjust smaller, rather than wanted it to be bigger!


Ta...I'm a novice...but slowly getting there.



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The Background supersize option sets the background image to fit your browsers window. You can disable this option by going to PageLines > Site Options > Color Control.

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