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    • Timothy
      By Timothy+
      Question! Does anyone know how to display a full post rather than the excerpt on the posts page? Normally I can replace 'the_excerpt' with 'the_content' on the page template, but i'm not finding that in the Framework templates...
    • nosepope
      By nosepope
      Hi Guys,
      we are currently running a blog based on pagelines framework and the old iblog pro (with lots of customizations).
      Now we would like to have a redesign of our website and some new features.
      The blog is quite big (we have more than 35.000 posts and about 120.000 comments) and many of our posts contain pagelines shortcodes like boxes, buttons, accordion etc.
      Thats why we would like to have the redesign done with the current version of pagelines (or even the current iBlog Pro).
      So we are looking for a developer, who can help us doing the redesign and the implementation of some new features (like different custom post types, custom fields etc.).
      A german developer (or someone who unterstands german) would be nice, but it's not a "musthave".
      If you are interested in this job, please let me know.
      Cheers Tobi
    • Kyle-Anthony
      By Kyle-Anthony
      Hello I was wondering how I can format my Post excerpts I tried a different Pagelines theme and it did it automatically. What do I need to do to fix this.
      Thanks in advance
    • margie
      By margie
      I am starting the design for a second site using the iBlogPro6 theme.  When I put my key in on the WP side of the site to activate the Pagelines Updater, it gives me "Invalid API Request - Bad key or Email".  I started the design for this one by going through my hosting provider (godaddy)...I can't remember if that's the same path I took creating the last one.   Anyway, it's still allowing me to make changes within the DMS and iBlogPro6 is active but I'm just concerned I won't be able to download the latest Pagelines Updater as I move forward.
      Should I backtrack and install the theme first, then the Pagelines Updater and DMS Pro plugins?
      Thanks so much.
    • jotaro
      By jotaro
      How can I put customized Home icon for iHeader Navigation?