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frameworks version 3.5.1. 


I cannot find on the color setting how to change the background color that appears when you hoover over the submenu? In my case is a bright blue. See main page: http://tinyurl.com/ccobof5


Here, the color appears on a menu widget test page> http://tinyurl.com/d99ljtr


This is how I had it on the platform pro version, see the menu widget here which I liked I think it was done all thru color settings > http://tinyurl.com/cyh3e8f


Is there a default setting? dont know how this bright blue got there.




And lastly, unrealted to colors.....is there anyway to align(center) the text on menu widgets?








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You can try add in

PageLines > Site Options > Custom Code > CSS Rules

or in

Pagelines Customize (plugin)


#navbar li a {text-align: center;}
.dropdown-menu li a:hover,.dropdown-menu li a:focus,.dropdown-submenu:hover a,.dropdown-menu li.current-menu-item a{    background-color: rgb(242, 110, 14, 0.8);    background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(center top , rgb(242, 110, 14), rgb(242, 110, 14));    background-repeat: repeat-x;}
My exemplary code is not necessarily applicable as written, to your site, so please adjust accordingly.

It is advisable to learn how to do this on your own too.

Check out


If you need more CSS help, make sure you've downloaded Firebug for Firefox

and check out W3 Schools for more info.


Also please be sure to watch our Firebug video tutorial here.


Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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There we go again.....


I cant believe all that CSS is needed to change the blue color when hoovering on a submenu. And why does it have to be blue as default? Why isn't this built in on the color settings?


That's why a lot of people including myself miss Platform Pro. I didnt need to mess w/any of that. 


Why something so simple has to be so complicated. 


Sometimes I wonder whether Pagelines people believes everyone is a developer.  And your asking me to learn all this stuff?  

I have spent enough time like anyone else learning pagelines in itself. 


Again, where is the simplicity Pagelines???


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Our previous product Platform Pro, had over 25 options just for the color scheme of your site. When developing PageLines Framework we took user feedback into consideration and the majority of users, felt that the amount of color options were far too confusing, overwhelming and left for a bloated product.


So in developing PageLines Framework, we simplified it, with color math. This means that with the few color options you have, the rest of your sites color's are created for you based on the color's you choose.


If you wish to get more specific color's such as hover effects etc., you will need to use custom CSS.


If you're new to CSS and not particularly comfortable with using tools such as Firebug or your browsers built-in web dev tools. I highly recommend you use Google Chromes web dev tool and check out this free online tutorial/course from Code School.




The course is awesome, I've even completed it myself. It has a number of videos explaining the features of the web dev tool and then has a simple quiz at the end, so you learn at the same time. I understand you wish to have a number of options so you can do this without having to learn custom CSS. But if you learn just the basics, you can achieve a lot.


Give the course a go and if you still struggle with achieving your desired look, we can assist you further. But the course linked above, does go through the hover pseudo class.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Will give it a try. We'll go from there.



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