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    • jagipson
      By jagipson+
      404 When trying to connect site to PL

    • webbdo
      By webbdo+
      In the social links Twitter shows 404 error in the API. Example:
      "GET http://urls.api.twitter.com/1/urls/count.json?url=http://www.webbdo.se/cybe…onday/&callback=jQuery1113017799108568578959_1449307004771&_=1449307004772 "
      This on all posts that have the "social links" and Twitter included.
      See example: http://www.webbdo.se/cyber-monday/
      How can it be fixed?
    • thesongchanneler
      By thesongchanneler
      Hello. Have you come across this problem? I'm building my website in google Chrome, and all my pages open. But if I (or someone else) uses Safari (maybe other browsers too?) the home page opens, but then when they click on a widget, the inked page shows my header and nav but a 404 Error symbol for everything else. Is there a plug in or something I can do to fix this?
      Thank You!
    • pastor.rocklyn
      By pastor.rocklyn+
      I am running Wordpress 4.1 on a site hosted on DreamHost. I have an SSL certificate and have set the site up for SSL. I want to require SSL for logins and admin operations, but I want others interact with the web site via regular HTTP. I am using the Wordpress HTTPS module, so I have both "Force SSL Administration" and "Force SSL Exclusively" checked so that only admin access is forced to go through SSL. Unfortunately, these settings also force the front-end DMS interaction to be non-SSL, so that I can't update the web site unless I uncheck "Force SSL Exclusively".
      So far I haven't found a lot of information on the site about how to use SSL. What is the officially recommended way to use Pagelines DMS2 on an SSL site?
    • carlo
      By carlo+
      we have sites builds with dms2 + wpml plugin for translation, in italian as main language (set as domain site), and english, french, german, etc. translations (set in subdirectory).
      We discover this issue with 404 pages (wich uses "nopost" section) on other languages:
      the "nopost" section function as needed for the main language ( example: http://www.hotelbaiadinora.com/sdghsrthrt) but gives a blank page in other languages (example: http://www.hotelbaiadinora.com/en/sdghsrthrt ).
      where is the problem? Can you help us to solve this?