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Hi Nick,


Is it possible to get Viewer to autoplay on page load?


Many thanks,


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Did you ever figure this out. I was shocked that it didn't autoplay. What's the point of having multiple slides if no one knows they're there?!


I looked up Royal Slider which is what the section uses and found the documentation. I tried to use this script code in the Pagelines Header Script Fallback area. But it didn’t do anything. So either I grabbed the wrong thing or that’s the wrong place or something.




AutoPlay script I used from there:

<script>jQuery(document).ready(function($) {


        // general options go gere

        autoScaleSlider: true,

        autoPlay: {

               // autoplay options go gere

               enabled: true,

               pauseOnHover: true




Any help here?????



PS: Sorry...I just realized that this thread and category are for the plugin called Viewer and my issue is with the DMS Theme called View which I don't think is Nick's. I'm leaving it here just in case someone can help.


PPS: Just FYI...I had Ellen Moore add the code necessary to the section.php and I now have what I need.

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