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Hi Nick,


I just bought the Anyloop section and installed it. What I would like to do with it is to make a section on my hompage where I can show some post (News).

I would like to show the title, the date and an the first couple of lines of the post, plus a read more link.


This is the site: http://health-gradient.eu/


At the moment It displays the posts fine but I don't need the full post to display, only the things explained above. I don't seem to be able to do that.


Just to be clear, I can not just flick out my default PostLoop sections because my site is actually build on this. I want to use the Anyloop in addition to this.


Could you please help me on this. Thank you.


Kind regards


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Try cloning the section and running new options through there. To show the "first couple of lines" use the excerpt box.

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Hi Nick,


Thank you for your quick reply.


I have hide the content of the post but the excerpt thing is not really working. I have put some text in the special excerpt box in the post, but no luck. Still not excerpt showing.


Seems to be a hard thing to solve.


Anything else I can do?



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