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PageLines Core LESS/CSS error. expected color value: failed at `color:lighten(@pl-link,9);` line: 7752

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Hi there!

Im using a DW to update the style.less file in my childtheme.

I have used it on a couple of pages and never had any problems with it, until now...

Something very weird is going on, i have tried to deactivate all the 3rd part plugins and still get the error...

I have checked my code many times and can not see any faults there. I have tried to re-install pagelines

both through ftp and through WP, still no luck.

Since it says "PageLines Core" i assume it's with the pagelines install and not with my childtheme the issue lies within.

The page is not picking up my custom css the way it should.

I used your "paste.pagelines.com" and the ID can be seen below.

Please help!


The paste ID: 5vs


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Can you remove all your custom CSS and see if this resolves the issue, if it doesn't can you enable PageLines Debug mode.


You can enable PL debug mode by going to PageLines > Site Options > Advanced.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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