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    • anlinares
      By anlinares
      Looks like Pagelines and cmunns"] have abandoned support for his products.  A couple of us - @[member="sonaros - have been having an issue for a few months and need a resolution.  We're obviously not using this to develop sites now, but these sites were developed or under development before the switch so we'd appreciate some help with getting this issue resolved.
      The roundabout section is rotating (even with auto rotating turned off).  If we can't fix this problem I at least need to get it slowed down.  It gives me whip lash as is.
      See it on the site at: http://holleyporterwright.com/
      See more details about our issues here: http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/28392-roundabout-error-autoplay-on-click/
    • anlinares
      By anlinares
      I am using the brandnav section in my header and have the roundabout section at the top of my home page.  When I scroll over drop down menu items, the the sub menu appears behind the roundabout section.  I need it to be in front so that visitors can actually see the menu.  I know the slides already have z-indexes applied but I tried applying z-indexes to the brandnav section, the nav itself, the roundabout, and the page without success.  Help, please!
    • anlinares
      By anlinares
      Hi!  I would like my roundabout section to only rotate when clicked.  But once it is clicked, it begins auto rotating.
      Using Roundabout v1.2
    • sonaros
      By sonaros
      Is there a way to take the roundabout headline and content and create an overlay on the right hand side of each slide?