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Video Background

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Yesterday, I paied for the section of Video Background, but still I can not find the download file or any link.

How can i update the section to my website?

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    • Perry
      By Perry+
      Hello there,
      We are still using DMS 2 and were wondering if it was at all compatible with slider revolution. (https://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin/2751380). Our issue is that the default revslider for DMS clips the top and sides of videos when made responsive. As the video is made smaller or larger the bottom of it tends to be cut off, or the sides are. We noticed slider revolution was 100% responsive, but have had numerous issues even getting it to display in DMS 2. We have tried using the shortcode, and various php scripts to no avail. Our last attempt was to try and load it with header scripts, but at this point we seem to be further away than ever. 
      This leads me to a few questions:
      1. Is Slider Revolution even compatible with DMS2?
      2. Is there a way we can get 100% responsive video in DMS 2 with zero clipping? (tonyrobbins.com is another good example of the effect we are trying to achieve.)
      3. If Slider Revolution is compatible, how do we go about adding it in?
      Thank you for any help.
    • jennajonesdesign
      By jennajonesdesign+
      Hi Guys, 
      I just went live with this site. http://bikenet.org/
      I can see the video background in Firefox, Chrome and IE on my computer as well as my husband's computer and my phone. So I am not able to see any problem. 
      But, my client says she cannot see the video background in Chrome?? Any ideas? 
      Let me know. Thanks!
    • mikeyb25
      By mikeyb25
      Hello! Love DMS...it's amazing how fast it allows creation of beautiful websites!
      Here's one suggestions, however... how come we can't three formats for video backgrounds?  Technically, for HTML5 videos to play on certain devices/browsers, we would need to include .webm as well as the .mp4 and .ogv.
      Really hope to this addition soon!
    • pehja
      By pehja+
      There are no controls in Chrome. There is in Safari but they doesn´t show up in Chrome.
      I have Version 1.4 and the latest DMS 2.1.5
    • Matt C.
      By Matt C.+
      I tried putting in the embedding code of a youtube video into the plugin because I was trying to figure out a way to get around an issue I was having with the video not displaying because the site is SSL and in doing so that apparently broke something.  After I added that embed code into the plugin youtube video web address area and refreshed the page nothing would load and the dms dock loader just sits there spinning with no end.  I've tried deleting the whole plugin and section and reinstalling them fresh, but still have the same issue.  Everything works fine when I deactivate in the plugins section, but as soon as I activate it again it's always that same issue, so I don't know where the conflict really exists or is being saved.  Any help with getting this plugin to be usable again would be great, as well as any work arounds you may know for how to use it on SSL sites, so that it doesn't treat that unsecured youtube address as a conflict would also be great.