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Footer text to be sitting on the middle of the two lines

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On my website: test.propertywealthadvisors.com.au


I have added footer lines but as you can see the text is not sitting in the middle of the two lines correctly


The attached file is what I am after. I think this would relate to css but for what property will need to be used?




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I am not sure why you're using the HTML you're, when it would be much easier to manage using a list. Also, not sure what you have chosen to use an image, when you could use border-bottom instead.


I recommend you alter the code you have and use list instead of <p> and <br> and images, you're in my opinion making life harder for yourself.


For example:

<div class="list-border-btm">
<h3>Login Portals</h3>
		<li>> Client</li>
		<li>> Advisor</li>
		<li>> Strategic Partner</li>
		<li>> Affiliate</li>

As you can see, its easier to read than what you currently have. Also, I have added the div with a class called "list-border-btm" so we can use it to target the <li> tags and add a border bottom to them.


For example:

.list-border-btm li { 
	border-bottom: 1px solid red; 

I recommend you read through the HTML and CSS pages on W3Schools, which will assist you and use Firebug or your browsers built-in web dev tools and inspect the elements, you wish to customise to find the correct code.


For assistance visit our custom CSS documentation - http://support.pagelines.me/docs/customization/custom-css/

Please search our forums, before posting!

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