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Need to get H1 title on blog / posts page (homepage)

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I've searched through the PageLines forums before, but only found hints on how to achieve the opposite (hiding h1 titles on pages).


Every page of my blog (www.muenchen-webdesign.de) has an H1-title, and I'm totally fine with this. However, the homepage (which is setup on purpose to be the blog posts overview page, and I don't want to change this) does not show a page title (such as simply "Blog", or - as I'd like to get it - "Blog & News", which is the corresponding menu name).


Most of you will know why this is important to me - any SEO-Tool expects to find at least and at most one H1-tag on every page of a website, and Google & Co. honor it if you have that H1 on every single page.


I've searched comprehensively through various articles on the web on how to achieve this, but finally gave up, mostly because this seams to be something that needs to be implemented in the themes' sources - and

a) I don't want to change any themes' sources (which would get overwritten mostly by theme updates anyway)

B) I'm a PHP absolute beginner


So I really hope there is either a way to accomplish this through the "regular" theme options, or the PageLines developers have a heart for people like me and "quickly" add this to the themes' options in one of the upcoming updates.


If that's not possible (for whatever reason), I'd still be happy to get directions on how to add this in a correct and safe way manually through the PHP-sources.


I'm currently using version PageLines 1.3.5 but will update to version 1.4.0 soon.


Thanks for any help in advance and best regards,

Franz Kohl


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Hello Franz,


This couldn't be easier.


First, make sure you have Content Box (a section available free in Dashboard > PageLines > Store > Sections > Top Free) installed.


Go to Dashboard > PageLines > Drag & Drop, click "Content Area" (it will turn blue).  Then select "Blog".  Now, drag the Content Box area over to the Active Sections placed above the PostLoop.


Then, go to Dashboard > PageLines > Page Options > Blog Page and select "Content Box".  In the edit area of the Content Box (which appears below), you can add any text you'd like, wrapped in an H1 tag.  It will only appear on the blog page, which in your case, is the homepage.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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Hello Rob,


First of all, thanks a lot for your fast and easy-to-follow response!


I'd be glad to follow the path you described above, however, although the "Content Box" is displayed in Dashboard > PageLines > Store > Sections > Top Free, it is in fact not free.


There is a blue button below the short description labeled "Upgrade to Pro"... and if I click on this one, I get a message displayed saying "This section needs a Pro license" - please see the screenshot of how it looks after clicking on the blue button I've added below.


So what's wrong here? Why is the Content Box listed in "Top Free", if it's actually not for free? Or is it for free, but was added with the wrong button aside?


I'm really eager to test what you describe, so I hope you'll have a positive answer regarding free availabilty of the Content Box... :-)


Thanks so far & kind regards,




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To do this on the Lite version you will most likely need to use a hook. Therefore, I recommend you read through our hooks documentation which will assist you.



Please search our forums, before posting!

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Hi Danny,


Thanks for your response!


Well, as I mentioned in my original post: I'm a PHP absolute beginner... literally. That means, that even after "studying" the content of the link you've provided, I fear that I'm not able to get this implemented by myselft using a hook :-(


Also, from what I understand, those hooks have to be implemented in the functions.php - which means, they get overwritten everytime when I update the PageLines theme, right?


If the latter is not an issue, and if you could provide example code and clear instructions on how to implement my specific wish (H1 title on blog posts page) by using a hook, which I simply could copy & paste into my functions.php, then I'll follow that direction.


Otherwise, I'm likely to give up on this and simply live with it :-(


Kind regards,

Franz X. Kohl


P.S.: Would be glad, if the people at PageLines either move the ContentBox section out of the "Top Free" category, or - preferably :-) - make it really free (which would solve my problem, finally).

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The hooks will need to be implemented via functions.php if you're using Lite, and yes, the change will be overwritten if you update the theme.


If you get PageLines Framework, the hooks actually don't need to be implemented via functions.php if you get the Hooker plugin from PageLines Store (it is free with the Plus subscription): http://www.pagelines.com/store/plugins/hooker/. It makes adding content with hooks much easier since there is no coding involved. Also, the ContentBox section is available for free with PageLines Framework.

Please read the docs before posting. Please do not private message me unless I ask you to.

Designer | Catrina Dulay

Founder | Catrina and Mouse

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