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Adding Video and Email Sign-Up Form as Hero

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richardjacruz+    4

In iBlog Pro I was able to add a video and an email sign-up form from iContact or Constant Contact like the one you see at www.thecfim.com. I did this using a Highlight.


I've read through the docs, and I'm not sure how to do that with Framework. Do I use Features? I tried using Highlight, but there's no place to put form code or to embed video.



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Rob    547

Hi, I'm not sure what kind of code you have for the form. You can add a content box into your page's template via Drag & Drop, then paste the code there.


To do this, go to Dashboard > PageLines > Drag & Drop. Click on the Content Area section (it will turn blue). Select the page template used, then slide the Content Box from the right (Available Sections) to the left (Active Sections) and position it vertically where you want it. These are saved automatically.


Now, go to edit your page. Scroll down till you see "PageLines Meta Settings". Look for Content Box as one of the tabs. Click it, then paste your form's code in the content box editing field. Save the settings, and then save the page. Check it.


You may need to do some custom class in order to apply CSS to center the form on the page. We can address this as needed. About the video,


I'm unclear where on your example the video you refer to is found, as the only video I see is in the slider. Video may be added in the same way, pasting video code in place of form code.


Note, the Content Box is a clonable section, so you can have several on a page template. Please let us know if you need additional information.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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