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Turn Mobile Version on off from within the site

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Hi there, I really hate mobile versions of websites but know Google are wanting mobile versions of sites. Pagelines has the function to turn on the mobile version but is it possible to have a link in say the more footer to allow the user to turn it on and off for their device? I turn them off on my iphone when I can but if turned on I would like the ability to turn the mobile version off?


May be an idea for a plugin or section?





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Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it. I will bring this suggestion to our developers attention.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Your confused. 


It does not turn on any mobile theme or version. It merely adds/removes a couple of body classes that make the site static vs responsive.


If you want a full blown mobile theme try jetpack, has a decent one built in now and its totally free.

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