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Trouble getting anyloop posts to display on pockets page

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I have anyloop on this page, and have set it up to pull in posts tagged with 'Cloud Services' but nothing is showing up on the page. Should I be using a content box with the shortcode rather than the actual anyloop section?


here's the page...


(removed website link)





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yep, running into issues getting anyloop to display by category. I have a section on this page:



(removed website link)


but when I filter by category, by putting a category into the input box in the back end, it shows no posts.



I i filter for the same category using shortcodes, it works....but I only get posts in full width mode. Any idea why the posts show when I am not filtering at all when using the section (not shortcodes)


or...  is it possible to get the shortcodes to display in grid mode with titles, excerpts, thumbs, etc.?



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So I'm a bit confused as to what you're trying to do? The shortcodes are documented on the demo with the numerous ways to show them (Pockets). As far as AnyLoop, you've cloned it 5 times (copy clone_5 section-anyloop)oso you'll need to go to the page that has the section and enter the categories there.

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hiya, sorry that wasn't very clear... 


I have cloned the anyloop a number of times. Maybe that is unnecessary?


Here's how I am trying to use it in one instance:


I have Anyloop section on the Pockets template. If I enter no categories or tags, etc. The section pulls up posts. But if I enter a category or tag to filter, then the section displays nothing. It's really weird because I have this working just fine in other places and I understand this is exactly what it does in all your demos!


I assume this is some detail setting that I'm missing on my end, or some sort of conflict with another plugin?I've double checked the categories and tags I am using (spelling, capitalization)  and there is content that should be getting pulled up.


I am going to go really slowly through the steps in the documentation and see what it is I am messing up!

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Ha. Of course.


So, it was this that I was missing:


Go to Posts->Tags, and click on the tag to get the ID of the tag (will be in the browsers address bar.


I was using the tag w/o the dash in it, instead of the tag ID So it worked fine with single word tags, but but not with multiple word tags. 


So in short. My fault! :-/


Thanks again for your help!



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