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I'm trying to find the best way to place a feature slider next to a universal sidebar. I've made the slider 70% width and the sidebar would fit but I don't know how to put it next to each other. 


Aniy help would be appreciated!






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Hi Kelli,


Are you trying to place this sidebar within the content area or in the sidebar column?


Looking at the way you've designed it, my recommendation would be a bit different.


I'd use the Universal for the entire area, then, implement the Grid System within it, and place the shortcode slider in one div, and content of choice in the next grid div.  See this for the code to do that method:


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Hi Rob!


I guess it would be in the content area.  If you take a look here, I'd like to put a widgetized sidebar to the right of the feature slider.  What do you think is the best way?


I tried putting a sidebar inside the content area but it showed up below the slider. 

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I don't think the content area in a sidebar is going to answer this issue.  Instead, I think the alternative method I described earlier would apply.


As I described earlier, the link I provided would provide you with the basic code for our Grid System, enabling you to achieve the desired results. There's even a shortcode based slider there which can replace the one you have, pretty easily.

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I'm sorry, Rob!  I didn't see that last paragraph earlier!  my apologies :)


Always there to help.  Excellent resource, I think that would do the trick!  


Thanks so much!

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