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Possible Update issue - Upset my site format

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My name is Jennifer Pardee and I am Confused about Help With Product Support. My Website is http://adkgirlslax.com/ (http://adkgirlslax.com/), and my PageLines Username is Jspardee.



I do love your product!
I may be having an update conflict with Pagelines or the Transparency theme I am using in conjunction with Pagelines Pro. I set up my pages as full width pages so this client could make use of the web site style and then later make use of the blog features. But they wanted full width style web pages for most of their pages. So, I was able to do that for them easily.
Last week sometime there started to be some of the pages showing different layouts other than the full page layout that I initially set up in my templates and I have not been able to restore the full width layout I had previously.
I have gone through my template settings, page setup settings and site settings and have not been able to correct this. What am I missing?

Thank you !



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Hi Jennifer,


Can you post some screenshots of what it is supposed to look like?


Also, please explain the steps you're taking to restore full width.



Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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