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TourKick (Clifford P)

Circle shape and Captions always visible

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TourKick (Clifford P)

Based on this site's design ( http://redfoxmedia.net.au/toolbox/ ), I had a few customization questions for Projects that I couldn't quite nail down:


1) Circles

How to make the images circles instead of 4px rounded corners? I changed the 4px border-radius to 50% and it worked on Chrome ( http://cl.ly/image/0A2k1t0M3j0S ), but the captions don't display properly on Firefox ( http://cl.ly/image/1W3s3P0r1B3k ).


2) Caption always visible

Instead of just on :hover, how can I get the caption to always display?




Thank you.


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Ya that's not really going to be possible at all. The captions are brought in using pseudo elements so there's no way to have circle images without redoing the captions. To have them always on, has been asked and answered in this forum before. 

Something big is coming for DMS + photographers.



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