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Plugin Conflict

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Theme: Pagelines Frameworks


Site: Scottsdalescott.com


Issue: Plugin Conflict (called: flexmls IDX)


Status: I have to use a plugin from my local real estate Multi-Listing Services to show local home listings on my site. However, the plugin seems to conflict with the Frameworks theme. The site pretty much grinds to a halt and updates to pages or just moving around the admin side is painfully slow. It also clears admin data from randomly from some admin pages. I have to go back in and reset. When I turn the plugin off, things return to normal. Also, the plugin makes the pagelines admin menu turn color.


Is there any way to resolve the conflict. I asked the creators of the plugin and they said they would look at it, but I can tell they have not real interest in trying to solve an issue with my theme. If you say the same thing Im afraid Im stuck. I need to get this housing data into my site.


Im not a developer, but wonder if there is a way to resolve this. Any suggestions?


Thank you.

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I am unable to locate the plugin on the Wordpress plugin repository. If it is not there, then one, I wouldn't trust the plugin to be honest and two you will need to contact the developer of the plugin for assistance.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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