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Drag and Drop not saving for custom post types

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I've tried search within this forum, Google search, and looked through the Doc's, so excuse me if this has already been answered.


I just came to this framework from another framework, and the features look fantastic. My first night working with it was last night and I've hit a road block.


I use a two plugins together called "Types and Views". I use "Types" to create custom fields, custom post-types, and then finally I use "Views" to put everything together in a way I'd like the content to be seen.


My specific problem with Pagelines is that I'm unable to enable and save sections within the Drag & Drop editor with these custom post types.


The custom post types show up in the Drag & Drop interface, just like the default templates. What happens is this:


1. I select a content area to put a section into using the Drag and Drop interface.


2. I select a custom post type in the Drag & Drop interface.


3. I choose and drag a section from the right hand column "Available / Disabled Sections" area.


4. The section is dragged into the Active Sections left hand column (Post Loop is already there by default).


5. I see the spinning circle with a message "Section Order Saved"


6. I go to the live page where this section is supposed to have shown up and it isn't there.


7. I go back in the admin area and look in the Drag & Drop interface and the section that was supposed to have saved,

is now gone. It disappeared (or most likely never saved in the first place


The default content templates are able to receive and save sections just fine. It is the custom post type templates within the Drag and Drop interface that are having the problem.


I cleared my cache in 3 different browsers and also selected disable Ajax saving -- all without effect.


Any thoughts on what might be causing the problem? Or perhaps I'm not understanding correctly how Pagelines works (there is a learning curve admittedly).


Thanks in advance.



Framework Version: 2.4.1 using base theme 1.0.2
WordPress Version: 3.51
Hosting Providor: WPEngine



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Not being a developer, I'm not sure how to answer this topic.  We have the ability to build custom templates built into PageLines.  As for custom post types, I've used them many times myself, but since this is a third party plugin, why they're not registering is a question that the plugin's developers may have to answer.


You may wish to engage one of our Pros for this, or, perhaps one of my colleagues has a better answer.  Being the weekend, a response may have to wait till Sunday or Monday.  Many apologies for this.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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Hi Rob,


Thanks for the reply. I'll contact the plugin developers and see what they have to say.


If possible, I'd like to leave this topic open to see what your colleagues say.


Thanks again.

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Just an update that after trying everything I could think of, I changed the the names of the slugs for my custom post types and the sections were able to save. I'm not sure why it would matter, but it seems to have worked.


If I run into any other issues, I'll open a new thread.



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