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Well I'm just a question-asking fool this week!


FYI- my site is in maintenance mode.


So, I needed to use hooks to add change/add social icons. I didn't have the brain space to figure out hooks, so I bought the hooker plugin. I added the following html to pagelines_before_branding_icons hook:

<div class="icons" style="bottom: 12px; right: 1px;">
<a class="facebooklink" href=""target="_blank">
<img alt="Facebook" src="">
<a class="pinterestlink" href="" target="_blank">
<img alt="Pinterest" src="">
<a class="twitterlink" href="" target="_blank"style="opacity: 0.5;">
<img alt="Twitter" src="">
<a class="tumblrlink" href="" target="_blank">
<img alt="Tumblr" src="">
<a class="linkedinlink" href=""target="_blank">
<img alt="LinkedIn" src="">
<a class="emailink" href="" target="_blank">
<img alt="Email" src="">
<a class="rsslink" href="" target="_blank"style="opacity: 0.5;">
<img alt="RSS" src="">

The icons are great and lined up nicely and exactly where they are supposed to be except... 4 of them are repeated on the left side of the page above my fixednav bar. What in the world is going on??


Also, I just noticed that the code for the errant icons actually matches the Pagelines code for the included social icons that you edit in Site Options. WHY? What in the world did I do wrong this time?


***UPDATE*** Weird freaking other thing happened in sync with the extra icons- my logo is no greyed out or has some opacity applied when I'm not hovering on it. This is new. I didn't do this. Well, I obviously did it but I don't know how. Oh god, make it end.


Bree :(

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Hi there, there's nothing in the html code that duplicates, it works fine when i pasted into a post to test. But you have forgotten to close the div tag at the end.

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So embarassed. It totally was user error. I'm not going to share the level of duh- but that you for your time, again :)

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