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Trickle and Flip Slide Clones

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Are Trickle and Flip Slide sections designed to behave correctly if cloned? I very well may have done something wrong, but when I cloned these two sections, the clones would not show up as active in the templates. The original sections (not the clones) activated correctly.

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I am using a clone of Trickle right now on the same template with another Trickle and both seem to be working fine together. I don't know what was happening before. I have a request for a Trickle grid that has a different layout. I'm sure it is no programming feat at all to make the grid dynamically resizable so that one may just grab the borders of each cell and move them. (LOL - sarcasm) Seriously, though, is it possible to have a different layout, even if only the position of the large cell is on the center-right? What would it cost to have you alter the code for such a thing? Just wondering. Thanks. I am considering the original issue solved.

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I read your advice to another posting member about Trickle. I will try to use inspector and alter the section using CSS, but I am still interested in what it would cost to have you do it. Thanks again.

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