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Slow Load Times - Pageless

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Have I had a look through the docs? Yes
Have I searched the forum? Yes, extensively.

Have I disabled the plugins? Absolutely (although most have been re-enabled now as this is a live site and by and large, disabling made virtually zero difference).

Website URL: www.milskil.com
Framework Version: 2.3.8 (I'm too scared to upgrade these days)
WordPress Version: 3.5 (see above)

  • BNE3-0001MY.server-sql.com
  • IIS/7.5 Version 32Bit (yes, it's windows because that's what the owner requires. full stop)
  • PHP 5.3.6
  • mysql 5.0.8-dev - 20102224 - $Revision: 308673 $ Build 5.1.47-community

Pagelines Debugging: Enabled

Caching Tools: such as WP Super Cache not installed ( primarily because they will install or configure properly (for me)).

Memory Usage is 12% of 256MB






Problem Details:


This site is being crippled by slow page load times and a large amount of time is being apportioned to the pageless css according to pingdom tools. The other major time of note is being apportioned to the url itself (and I don't actually understand these results, to be honest).


At first I thought it was due to BBPress and BuddyPress, but they have since been removed and it's actually no different. 


Looking around for answers and solutions, I've discovered that pageless css spits out ~600 errors using the W3C CSS Validator (is this number normal 'out of the box', or have I somehow contributed to this??).


Many actions through the 'Admin Back-end' simply time-out now.


I use 'Branding, Nav Classic, Quickslider, Content, Post Loop, Primary Sidebar and Simple Nav Sections on all pages, and these plus Accordians on another template.  


Is pageless css the primary culprit here? What can I do to reduce its loading time? Is there redundant stuff that could be removed?


I realise that something like Super Cache will help, but I just cant seem to get it to configure on IIS (yes, I realise that it's 3rd party and Pagelines won't help, but there may be some other user out there who will), but in any event, I'm concerned that pageless is the root of the problem. 


Please help.













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