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The site I am building is behind a company intranet firewall and I cannot log in normally to validate my developer account.  This limits my functionality quite a bit.  Is there a way to validate my license and add extensions, plugins, etc... without a connection to the internet?

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No, you would have to download the products from your members area here on pagelines.com then just install them manually.

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      Hi guys, 
      i bought my first Pagelines-product 2012 with my partner. Then 2013 again with my company. I experimented a lot with other coding styles like HTML-templates, Visual composer Themes etc. but i now want back to Pagelines. Got my Webdesign Company going good -> http://www.kleinheinz.codes

      Here is the problem:
      When im logged into my account i can renew my "old" Business Account for 288$.
      On the Mainpage of Pagelines.com is the price lower.

      So i dont know that i should pick and what is best for me...

      I need clean Pagelines Framework. All extra Sections i would buy or code by myself like i did before. So what option should i choose and how much is it?

      Thanks in advance!

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      Anyway, before I go back in and do any editing on these sites, I want to make sure this isn't something that people know about, or that it is a DSM2 related issue or what might be the cause of something like this ... basically, ASO was totally useless about why something like this would be happening. No suggestions, no clue, no shiznit.