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How to customize plugins and upgrade Wordpress?

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Hi guys.


If for example I have the plugin "Special Recent Posts" running and I customize the plugin's default CSS through the plugin editor (see screenshot). What happens now if upgrade to the latest Wordpress version. Will my CSS-customizations be deleted or not? Sometimes I read I should copy my "plugin's templates to my theme directory". Which folder would that be exactly? I use Platform Pro with the child theme Base. Could I just create a directory wp -content/themes/platformbase/plugins/Special-Recent-Posts and copy the whole directory in there?


Please help me with this since I've been googling this for many days now and I just can't find any simple explanation for this.





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In order to customise a plugins style, you add your custom code to your themes custom CSS. To find the best method for you to add custom CSS, I recommend you visit our customisation methods documentation.




If you continue to customise your plugins by editing the core files, as soon as an update is released, your changes will be removed.  

Please search our forums, before posting!

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