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Blog Page vs Blog Post Template

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I'm trying to add a quick slider to my blog post template.  So I've gone into drag & drop added the quickslider to the blog post template, but then when I go to "page options", "blog page" to change the meta settings for the quickslider it says that quickslider isn't active.


So through a bit of messing around I figured out that "Blog Page" meta settings is connected to my Home page and not every single blog post.  How do I change the global meta settings for the blog post?


I have Pagelines Pro.



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Blog Post is a default template for your posts.  It isn't an accessible template from any selectors because it controls the layout of the actual posts.  You can't apply a post template to a page, as I'm sure you understand. The Blog template, is another that cannot be selected, but applies anything you add to it to your blog page. Anything added to the Blog Post template will appear in all your posts, so when adding things like sliders, take care that you really want it on every post.


If you are creating pages, you can use the numbered templates, or create your own. There's more on this in our documentation: http://support.pagelines.me/docs/customization/create-a-custom-page-template/

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