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Update Notification ... but it is up to date

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Hi ... I have the notification at the top of the pages in the admin but it is up to date. I can't work it out. 


I am sorry if this is already asked but I can't seem to find anything


Website URL: http://fresca.net.au/orsattifamily/ ... this is a privact site but I created a dummy off the same Network - http://fresca.net.au/autismnow/
Framework Version: 2.4.1
WordPress Version: Version 3.5.1
Plugins in Use: Lots
Server/Host: Net Logistics








I don't know how to turn the notification off.

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By any chance do you have multiple accounts with us? That could be a cause of this unusual condition.  Unfortunately, I can't check that, but you can do so by asking [email protected] to check.  One of my colleagues should be in early Sunday morning GMT and can research this. Please let them know what account you have set up in the account credentials tab.


Do you have a cache plugin active? If so, clear the cache. Sometimes the notices can be caught in the cache.

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Perfect! Thank you. It must have happened when it extracted fromt he zip. 

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