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Want to Hire a developer to finish what I started.

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Hope someone can help.


I would like to hire someone to finish what I can't finish.  As a health professional this is not my field.  

If anybody is interested I will give them the details.




Pagelines Framework 2.4.1

Word Press 3.5.1

Plugins include  Poppy (uninstalled), Collapser, Always Menu on Top(uninstalled), Anything Boxes, Social Exerpt, Foot extra

Child Theme- Simplicate - uninstalled


You can read about me on the web site in the "about" section.



[email protected]


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I wish that I knew this before I bought Poppy.  If no one takes it over and develops it further, it's dead and a waste of money.  Please don't develop anything else if you don't plan to stick with it.

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Hi Ken,


There seems to be some misunderstanding.  Poppy is intended to be and is a simple pop-up modal based short contact form. It's not designed for customization, but designed to be used to provide a fast, easy way for your visitors to communicate with you.


It is fully supported, and will be upgraded, as needed.  All PageLines products are well maintained, well supported and updated as needed during their lifespan.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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