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Blog Post: banner keeps showing up.

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I have checked off the hide banner under Page option setup>>Blog Page>>Header>>Hide banner 

However when I indicate : Site option>>Blog and Posts>>Excerpt Length   -  there is not banner intitially but when I click the link Read full article then my banner shows up.  I don't want my banner showing up.  If I check Full Post Content then I don't get a banner at all.  But this is not professional to me.  


Also if you check the link above all the buttons have become distorted.  

Digg used to work before with floating buttons.  Now it goes in the middle of the banner so I deleted it.  I only noticed the buttons were distorted two days ago.  



Pagelines Framework 2.4.1

Word Press 3.5.1

No Plugins are active


All Cache cleared 


I am a chiropractor making my own site.  I am  just learning this framework.  It took me a week to finish the "about "and "contact" page.  I just have the blog post area to do.


Please make your answers very simple.  

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The settings on PageLines > Page Options > Blog Page, controls your blog page, not your blog posts layout. If you wish to hide the Banners on your blog posts when viewing the full post, you will need to either:


1. When editing or creating your posts, scroll down until you see the PageLines Meta Settings and hide the banners section from there. You will need to do this on all posts.

2. Go to PageLines > Drag & Drop > Header, click the options button on the Banners section and check the hide by default. Then only enable it on the pages you wish the banner to be visible on.

3. Do not use the Banners section in the header, as the Header template area is a global template. Therefore, anything added there, will be visible on all posts/pages.

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Please search our forums, before posting!

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Thanks you so much.  Now I realize how powerful the framework is!

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