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Display the thumbnail of the current post in a Content Box Section ?

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I have a very simple question. Which code I can use to display the thumbnail of the current post (as in the exerpt) but in a box (I use a section type : "Content Box") ? I tested this : <?php echo the_post_thumbnail($id); ?>. But It's doesnt work unfortunately.
Thanks a lot

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That's a question is the sort of thing you should get from or Google.  I did that for you and quickly found this:


Unfortunately, we cannot provide code or customizations via the Forum. You'd need a developer. One of our Pros might help on a fee basis.

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Thanks a lot Rob for your advice. I'll keep exploring 



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The link I provided at the top before, should give you the correct code.  Are you wrapping it in a div? Applying CSS to it?

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