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Transparency theme - setting background image per page

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I have purchased the Transparency child theme and I'm trying to figure out how to set different background images on different pages. I can see this done on some sites using the theme (e.g. http://www.coloradorafting.com/). 


I have tried adding the code below to the body of a page - this works initially - I can see the image loading - but it seems like the default background image (defined through the Pagelines > site options > Color control) is set via a script which kicks in after the page loads. This means that the image set via the below code gets overridden by the default background image. 


Any suggestions on how to accomplish my goal and assign different backgrounds to individual pages/categories etc.?


<?php if (is_page('PAGEINQUESTION') ):
<style type="text/css">
body {background-image:url(PASTE THE FULL WEB LINK FOR DESIRED PICTURE HERE);background-repeat:repeat;}




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Yeah, actually...each page can have a diff bg image ( like the theme demo ) by going to the pagelines meta options for the page in question. The "Page Setup" tab will have an image uploader just like the one in color control

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Cool, thanks so much for the quick reply. Loving the theme by the way!!


Thanks again, 


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I have the transparency theme and I would like to make the headers in a smäller typo. How do I do that? I tried to write the code in the CSS but nothing happened?

And thanks for a great theme!

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