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Triggering Poppy from Hero, Masthead, or Box Link Fields

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Is there a way to trigger the Poppy plugin from the link field of the hero or masthead unit? I tried a couple of formats and none seemed to work. Since this is a contact plugin I would think triggering it from the typical call to action units would be expected and/or appreciated.



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Masthead and Hero only allow straight text, not HTML, so they won't be able to display coded components. Shortcode does work in Boxes. So I'm unsure why it's not working unless you haven't activated the plugin.


You can always use another sidebar (Universal or Full Width, depending on where it is used) and create your own layout. For example, the Grid System might be suitable in a sidebar/text widget with the shortcode used in one of the grid elements.

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Thanks for the response. I'm using a work around of placing the shortcode below in the "Enter Masthead Meta Text":


[poppy type="button" class="btn-success" size="large"] Button Text [/poppy]


That is working okay for now. I was just wondering about placing the shortcode in the actual "Enter the link destination" within the masthead options. Sounds like that isn't possible at this point. Thanks for the suggestion on the grid. I have used it a few places and will probably start to do so more as I hit limitations with core options.


Thanks again.

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