Updated to 2.4.1 worked but then updated base theme to 1.0.2 and child theme does not load css anymore

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Hi please help.


I have succesfully updated the pagelines framework to  2.4.1 and updated the base theme to 1.0.2 and I have created a child theme from base theme 1.0 previously.

Now when I visit my website I see that the upgraded base theme does not load the child theme css anymore. (when debugging in firebug I only see the compiled css)


I have hower created a child theme with custom css.  What is going on?


Can I downgrade my base theme? or can I let the basetheme load the child theme css again?




Please let me now as soon as possible.





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I have fixed it. should I rename the base theme standard folder? because accedentially it had updated the base-theme. Although it was loaded as a child theme on the pagelines framework.

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If you've made your own child theme from the base theme and renamed it, the theme details should be renamed in the inside code to differentiate it from the base theme. That will protect it from accidental update in the future.

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I seem to be having the same issue here.  As soon as I updated my pagelines framework, I started noticing add CSS issues and when I look at the source via firebug, all the styles that I need to update are now in the compiled css.  Is this standard and if I want to make changes, do I make them in the compiled css file or do I add new styles to the base theme's style.css?




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Don't worry about compiled CSS. As the name implies, it simply means that the sources of CSS in the site are compiled into one place, simplifying the load process.


You add CSS, as normal, via the child theme's stylesheet, via the PageLines Customize plugin's stylesheet or, via Dashboard > PageLines > Site Options > Custom Code. Any customized code should override any found in the compiled CSS when your site renders in browser.

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