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    • ivaemer
      By ivaemer+
      I've got the problem with Onepage plugin ..
      First two sections - Intro and Gallery Module are not showing on iPhone and iPad...help asap please
    • Lisa Haran
      By Lisa Haran+
      hi all.
      my test site is located @ http://iloveoffset.flywheelsites.com/
      I am using out of the mediaBox boxes and love them however when viewed on an apple ipad (768x1024) they look very cluttered.
      Every other version of  tablet up to Google Nexus 7 (603 x 966) it works great as it display the mobile version, so every ibox and mediabox is 100% width, one under the other.
      If I want the ipad to display how a mobile version does, how do I do this?
      I suppose a quicker way of asking my question above is "is there a way to force an ipad to display the mobile version of your site"
    • dkadvertising
      By dkadvertising+
      When visiting http://johndornenburg.com, a flipper called "recent releases" is utilized in the top left. This functions as it should in all environment, except for ipad.
      The ipad experience (NB: cannot be replicated in online ipad emulators):
      It loads with everything except for the image and title. (The arrows are still there.)
      You can even click on the empty space to be brought to the post. Hit the back button, and suddenly the image and title have appeared.
      Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
    • pazyluz
      By pazyluz+
      I have pages that display on phones and pages for desktops/laptops.  The ipad displays the mobile/phone pages but would look far better if they displayed the desktop version.  How/Can I display the desktop version on ipad?  If I cannot do that, can you advise me as to the best course of action?  Thank you.
    • aldisney
      By aldisney+
      I'm running into some problems with the Hero module on a site when viewing on an iPad Air in portrait-mode. This occurs in both Safari and Chrome. The hero image overlaps the text/heading, even when I try adjusting the %'s for both text and image. I tried searching "hero", "ipad" and "hero ipad", but didn't find anything on the subject in the forums.
      Here's an image.
      Technical Info:
      WordPress 4.1
      GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting
      Temp URL: alltradesdesign.us 
      Site Info: 
      Work in progress; front page is the only "built" page