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No site images and admin panel errors for new localhost install

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Regular Pagelines user with multiple Pagelines websites successfully running. Each was built on a live server, not localhost.


I am creating a new site and would like to work on it locally.  I have installed a clean version of WP using MAMP and followed the Wordpress instructions and settings for doing so.  I have no plugins installed, and downloaded and installed a clean version of Pagelines.


When I view the site, I get no images, features, etc.  (If I use a regular WP theme, I can get images no problem.)


When I go to the admin panel and select anything on the Pagelines menu, I get a weird layout issue that prevents me from making any edits or accessing any of the options (Screenshot below.)  This occurs regardles of the browser I'm using (Firefox, Safari and Chrome) and I have turned off all AdBlockers and Ghostery.


I am using:


WP 3.5.1

PL 2.4.1

MAMP standard 2.1.3

PHP 5.4.10

Mac OSX 10.8.3

FIrefox 19.0.2

Safari 6.0.3






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I have tried reinstalling several times, but I just solved my problem, so thought I would post the solution here in case other folks may need it.


I was installing the theme by unzipping PL and placing the pagelines folder in the themes folder manually, then activating the theme in the admin panel.  Tried this three times thinking I might have a corrupted ZIP, and had the same issue each time, as noted above.


After much trial and error, I decided to use the "Upload a Theme" feature in the admin panel to install the PL ZIP file.  Voila!  Works perfectly now.


I have installed PL manualy on live servers before without issue, but I could NOT get it to work with localhost.  So, my advice for anyone with same issue is to make sure to use the upload feature within the Admin panel to install the PL theme.


THANKS ALL! Happy Pagelines user once again!  :-)

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